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National Traffic System

2020 Functional Exercise

August 15 – 17, 2020 UTC

All traffic handlers invited to participate

To help test the traffic system, I put together a functional exercise to inject test traffic and collect statistics on delivery times and success rates. I invite all traffic handlers to participate.

What is the Functional Exercise?

This functional exercise provides a way to measure system readiness and allows traffic handling stations to practice their skills in a simulated real-world scenario. This test will take place across the entire system over a dedicated time period, with specific information for stations, traffic nets, and key personnel such as Section Traffic Managers to follow to:

  • Facilitate a realistic yet simulated scenario in a synchronized manner
  • Coordinate data collection and reporting
  • Develop an after-action report with recommendations on how to improve the traffic system

How can I participate?

  1. Review the exercise documentation, including the Incident Briefing, the Incident Action Plan, and reporting requirements and related documents
  2. Register so we can understand participation levels and geographical areas, and work to provide a list so traffic handlers can target their traffic during the exercise
  3. During the exercise window, send traffic following the format outlined in the Incident Action Plan to at least 3 other stations in the registration list
  4. When the exercise window concludes, wait about 1 week for all exercise-related traffic to move through the system, and then compile and send reports

Radiogram example

Please use this template when compiling traffic for the exercise, and use real-world information. We do not want to inadvertently cause confusion, even when labeling our traffic as exercise-related.

Radiogram example

Exercise documentation


Review the playbook for background, exercise expectations, and more.

Incident Briefing and Incident Action Plan

Outlines the scenario and the ask from Incident Command to all traffic handlers.

Station report

The log stations must complete and turn in within 3 weeks of the exercise conclusion. (Fillable spreadsheet will be provided once finalized).

Net manager report

The log net managers must complete and turn in within 3 weeks of the exercise conclusion.