Appearance on WTBR-FM’s Ham On! program

Hello everyone,

Today I had the pleasure of talking about traffic handling on WTBR-FM’s Ham On! radio program hosted by Peter (KD2JKV) and Jessica Mattice. For the second half of the program I dive into some of the traffic-generating projects I kicked off, including the online trainings we’ve been holding here in the section, and the NASA astronaut traffic, NTS Trivia, and NTS Pen Pal projects. I also talk about the NTS discussion group, and some general thoughts on the types of traffic that move through the system. Some exceptionally good questions from Jessica and Peter, and I hope you find the discussion interesting and insightful into the traffic system and what’s going on here in North Texas.

Quick note on the recording: the audio for the first half of the program has an echo, but the second half where I talk about things does not have this echo. I jump in at the 29-minute 30-second mark.

Aaron | K8AMH

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